Mac vs PC parody, Part Two

I don’t know…this may be right along the lines of “us versus them”…but there still needs to be room for parody and self deprication, which the PC “Christian” really is.  I believe it’s self deprication because the PC Christian is my brother, no matter how he comes off.  We’re sharing the same life, so to point out his goofyness, I am indicting myself along the way.

Anyway…I still thought it was funny.

5 thoughts on “Mac vs PC parody, Part Two

  1. In the PC-Mac commercials, though, I can’t help but feel that the Mac is super pretentious. Maybe because when I think about it, its really just Mac makers trying make me realize how cool they really are.

    Hhhmmm… That has strangely altered the way I look at this video. Don’t get me wrong, I like this little quirky video, but what is saying? Please tell its more than just ‘cool Christians’ making fun of our brothers, the traditionalists.

  2. Hale- I’m not an Adventist…nor is the group making the video. The point is, Jesus was Jewish, and Saturday would have been the special day for Him during His earthly ministry (hence the joke…”do you think Jesus would have worshipped on a Saturday?”)…but since He is the fulfilment of what the Sabbath typified, Saturday is no longer special…nor is any other day according to the NT.

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