Slogan Theology

So, in perusing some of the blogs and boards I visit frequently, someone posted a link to The Advertising Slogan Generator.  It’s one of those fascinating little online oddities that help wile away the hours for bored office workers.  

Here’s how it works:  Type in any word into the field provided, and the program spits out a clever slogan.  I’m assuming the whole thing is designed to tickle the disenfranchised, those who are desensitized to marketing.  It’s sort of a “man behind the curtain” thing…revealing that most advertising slogans are so inane that random generation of words are about as effective as what Madison Avenue offers us regularly.


So I typed in Jesus.

And here’s what I got.





You know what’s really sad about that?  As absurd as those slogans are…I could easily imagine a best-selling book with those titles.  We Americans…rather, we American Christians seem to love slogans.  In fact…I would almost go so far as to say that mainstream church culture has a certain “slogan theology”.  That is, we like the aspects of Jesus we can easily sell.

Meditate on the revelation of God, the Bible?  No way…just ask “what would Jesus do?”

Struggle over God’s will through anguished prayer? Heck no, pray the Prayer of Jabez!

Lay down your will, surrender your rights and live sacrificially for the Kingdom?  Not a chance…instead, live “Your best life NOW!”


But why stop there?  I could write quick books that have catchy titles now that I have the slogan generator!  How about these:

“Tired of the same old grind, tired of not getting ahead?…You need to MOVE AT THE SPEED OF JESUS!”


“That old timey religion got you bored?  We’ll teach you what we’ve learned about presenting a cool version of the gospel, because WE DO JESUS RIGHT!”


“THE WORLD’S LOCAL JESUS, 7 steps to innovative neighborhood outreach from your cell group ministry”.


Slogan theology.

You heard it here first folks.

That’s because:


4 thoughts on “Slogan Theology

  1. Man does this resonate with me…

    It’s everywhere we live in our culture today:

    1. Excercise…it’s easy, you can look like a “buff stud-meister” using this gizmo in just 20-minutes a day, three days a week…!

    2. Losing weight…no problem. Drop 30 lbs in a week just pop one of these cute little pills twice a day! And eat whatever you want!

    3. Money: You got it dude…you can be “earning” an extra $50,000 per month working only “in your spare time”!

    4. Better education…better job: Easy, easy, easy…just sign up online for this internet course (no homework, no tests, no worries) that you complete (you guessed it) “in your spare time”. When you’re done you get “a Certificate”. That’s right…you’re now officially “Certified”…and presto…more money and a better job!

    In light of all this…why not the same for your spiritual life too: prayer, sin, learning, sacrifice, growth…heck, what’s all the fuss about. Just send in some “Seed dough”, pray “the formula”, claim the “contract Promises”, and wait for the “bucks & assorted blessings” to roll in.

    Excuse me…gotta go heave…

  2. First of all thanks Rob for another website for this bored office worker to go to! Jericho you absolutely have a future in advertising!

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