Intentional Humility


As best as I can tell, God started something in our community last Sunday.  Philippians 2:1-11 seemed to resonate in our hearts.  I have no capacity to articulate what I was experiencing that morning…in both services, but especially in the first, where I was so caught off guard by what was happening.  It seems so cliched to say “God showed up”…but I’m failing to find any other words to paint with.  In my mind, we stumbled into a room where God had been waiting all along.  In there, we touched His heart and it changed us.  Well….it changed me anyway….I’m hoping it’s us.

It’s with this experience that I’m inviting all my friends and family to join me in an experiment in “intentional humility”.  It will be a fast…a solidarity fast.  What’s that?  I’ll give more information as we go.  Just start praying about joining me…its less than a month away. 

 June 11th-13th, 2007…I will weep with the weeping.

2 responses to “Intentional Humility”

  1. I must agree with Rob. The Holy Spirit was there on that morning and He desires to be with us on any morning we recognize He desires to be with us. Since that beautiful morning I have been haunted and reminded by the reality of my own walk with God. Rob spoke this past Sunday and I heard him say, “is our faith a list of beliefs or a course of actions”(paraphrasied). As I watched the non-Eastgate spectators at the baptisim in the Gulf I saw God at work on their faces as the people stayed to watch faith is action. I believe that obedience to Gods calling will be rewarded by His presence. What Rob as well as many that special morning felt and know is simply God coming to show us, to be blessed, as we have done as He has asked, to love Him and His. TK

  2. nice post TK

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