Solidarity Fast site is up

phil2.jpgAlright….here’s the deal.  I honestly believe God is up to something in our community.  I think this exercise of faith is something that will draw us together as a community (a shared experience) and open our eyes in new ways toward living out Christ in our world (through intentional humility).

I have put up a site which provides the details of the Solidarity Fast…how we’ll do this, an FAQ, etc.  I’ve also made a page which I hope will provide a space for a running commentary for those who participate.  I honestly believe this is something very important…a way to rally to Christ, to partake of His divine nature of self-emptying…a way to draw closer to the Kingdom of God.

June 11th-13th, let’s stand in solidarity with the weak, the poor and the oppressed.  Let’s lift our hearts and voices to heaven, and cry out for the mercy and justice of the Hero King, Jesus.  Who knows, God may use this to change the world…but He will definitely change our hearts.

click here to go to The Solidarity Fast page.

One thought on “Solidarity Fast site is up

  1. After some close proximity to the gardener’s toolbox the urge to share brings these words right here. In the context of Psalm 88, “…lend an ear to my lamentations….” where is my soul full of troubles.

    There is only true relief in Christ.

    Perhaps one reason to be here on this planet is to pray for the relief of Christ for our brothers and sisters and those who are afflicted.

    I believe Justin Martyr would smile upon the Solidarity Fast.

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