Wednesday Night – Worship and Prayer

feet.jpgWell…as the Solidarity Fast comes to a conclusion (whew), we’re going to have a special meeting in lieu of our normal Bible study tonight (6-13-07).  We will spend time worshiping Jesus and thanking Him for being our supplier of all that we have need of…and we will pray some community prayers for the poor.

Dustin has been putting a few posts about his experience with the fast on his blog….you should go check it out if you don’t already.

I’ve been offline for the most part…so I’ve been jotting things in my moleskine (thanks Dusty).  There is so much to absorb…so much to process.  There are moments that stick in my brain…the humiliation one feels when peddling a bike barefoot during a sudden rain-squall…the joy that a small packet of “chicken like flavoring” filled me with when I finally gave in and had some Ra-men…..just how much broken glass is on our streets, and how many sand-spurs actually live in my yard.  Odd things…but poignant as I consider my fellow human beings who know so much worse on a daily basis.  My heart is bending toward the right direction….and that’s a good thing.

See ya’ tonight, hopefully!


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