The Church is Just the By-product

The Kingdom of God is revealed in so many different ways.  It’s revealed in a kind touch.  It’s revealed in spaghetti noodles, soccer balls and summer camps.  We were never called to promote a church.  We were called to preach what Jesus preached, that the Kingdom of God is close at hand.  Then we were called to stretch out our hands and let the Kingdom of God press through us toward others.

feeding children at Bethel HouseCollide with love tour

The Kingdom of God is basically God’s rule over the hearts of men.  Anywhere there is a person who has submitted his or her life to God through Jesus Christ; the Kingdom of God is there.  Anywhere kindness is shown in the name of (for the sake of, in the style of, in harmony with) Christ; that is the Kingdom of God at work on this earth.

“Let Your Kingdom come, let Your will be done on earth, like it’s done in heaven.”

2 thoughts on “The Church is Just the By-product

  1. I like to post here, not sure I could explain why. Maybe just to show thanks to those who have shown me such kindness.

    Its like Christ grows inside me in little bits and big bits and especially when I stumble and fall.

    I remember Paul wrote to give thanks and rejoice. Perhaps for some who are paralyzed by sorrow or some other bad thing, a kind word or act helps to break the impasse. Kindness both given and received. We can rejoice and give thanks in all things and especially in the acts of kindness that we receive, give, or witness.

    Thanks to Jesus Christ for being there and here and all around. 🙂

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