Attack Dogs of Christondom


Here’s an interesting article from the Christianity Today site:

“Attack Dogs of Christdondom”

This is presented as a problem for Christianity…which it most certainly is….but think about this:

Isn’t this almost an “American” thing? Our present 21st Century culture, with it’s prioritization of free speech over civility and intense individualism has sort of created this kind of attitude of hostility in any exchange of ideas.

For example…look at the 24 hour news networks. There are only a few minutes of any real reporting of actual events, the rest of the HOURS are filled with split screens of two people who hold opposing views about who’s to blame for everything who viciously attack each other publicly.

We have sort of become Vick Nation….one giant, ongoing dogfight (except with no apologies or promises of reform).

I’m somewhat convinced its not even just a 21st century American Christian thing as it is an American culture thing that the evangelical church has adopted and perversely sanctified under the banner of “taking a stand”.

Either way…we as the evangelical church have got to repent for being prompted by antichrist methods.

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