Thoughts From the Hug-Me-Naught

So…as many of you know, I struggle with hugging.  I’m no good at it.  I get all embarrassed and uncomfortable…I’m not sure why.  It’s just my struggle…or HUGgle if you will.

It’s my intention to change that.  Not being a good hugger is something that makes me feel like a second class citizen, especially in the realm of church.  Instinctively, I’ve always felt like a good handshake is more than enough human contact…but in the context of a loving community of spiritual people…hugs seem to be the most commonly preferred expressions of familial love.  Therefore, learn to hug I will (please read the previous sentence with Yoda’s voice).

Here is the first training video I’m learning from:

5 thoughts on “Thoughts From the Hug-Me-Naught

  1. Great video. However, I can never hug the same again.

    So, if the hug is the most common expression of familiar love, then when do we get a video on the second most common: the “good-game” butt slap?

  2. MMMM…..Watching I will be for improvement. Learning well you are, young padowan. The love is within you and all around.

  3. That was hilarious! Just a good look into what’s really going on there. I was taught to back-pat, so I always do it, even though I am a girl. In my family it is a sign of a real hug. Although, I have been told by others that it could mean “enough already!” Anyway, hope you get it to where its right for you!

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