Questions I didn’t get to last night…

First, before I get to the question, be sure to visit the Prayer Wall page, we have a lot of needs to be keeping before God for the people of our church community!


 Ok, here goes…

Why Doesn’t Jesus let the demons He throws out identify Him as the Son of God?  Wouldn’t that make people believe, and wouldn’t that be kind of ironic?

Also: Why did Jesus warn folks not to make it known that He was the Son of God?

Ok…obviously, the reason this is asked is because the Scriptures don’t give a definitive reason why Jesus did what seems almost counterproductive to gaining a following.  I mean, if Jesus let supernatural beings identify Him as the Messiah, wouldn’t that just help to further His cause?  The most common  answer to that, and the one I tend to lean toward has to do with timing.

Everything happening in it’s right time.  The amazing thing about God is that He is sovereign, meaning, He is in complete control of all things.  The even MORE amazing thing about His sovereignty is that He seems to be able to exercises it through the midst of man’s appearant free will.  Jesus had to go to the cross…it was mandatory.  If He didn’t, we would still be lost.  There had to be a right time and a right place for people to know that Jesus is the Son of God…and the majority of that belief came after Jesus was killed and then rose again.  Had He let everyone identify Him as the Messiah, the groundswell of His popularity may have prevented His death.  Maybe that’s even why the demons were so quick to want to identify Him…to throw off the timing, make the cross a less sure thing? 

That seems like the most reasonable explanation for His behavior to me.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Questions I didn’t get to last night…

  1. For me its a wonderful use of capital letters to glorify the name of God and Jesus Christ. It brings an Amen which one might ask the meaning of, although its something awesome to feel it.

    We can worship God with what we do, what we speak, with what we write and what we think.

    I believe that Jesus walked right into death like he saw it his whole life ahead of Him at a young age. And so He probably knew the people He spoke out against as if for their entire lives. The same ones maybe He saw when He was twelve.

    I believe that He must have known His fate. Because when He spoke out against the actions of the evil leadership he was doomed to the fate of those that then would plot to destroy him. They would want to have him wiped from history. He would not walk away, but instead right into it. And He confonted evil and won.

    But still left us with questions. So I thank Him for this website and the good fortune to be near to Eastgate.

  2. Wow, that’s so simple and logical. I’d always sort of absently wondered why he acted that way myself, but never gave it enough thought.

    Once again, the Bible – a story too complex and brilliantly woven together to be the product of multiple, mistake doused, human hands.

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