The Joshua Bell Illustration

Hey everyone!  As I mentioned Sunday, I’m posting the YouTube video of the Washington Post experiement with Joshua Bell.  I’ve watched it several times, I find it fascinating.

And, in case you’d like to read the whole article that goes with the video, you can read it HERE

 Oh….and one more thing.  I’ve had a couple people tell me that the Sketchcast videos get chopy at the end of them.  Have you had that experience?  Just wondering.

6 thoughts on “The Joshua Bell Illustration

  1. Choppy? As in a split-second shot of static occurring twice? Wouldn’t have thought to comment on it being a problem, since the artistic rendering of truth is what is most noticeable.

  2. Rob, I’m glad you mentioned this. The schetchcast stops after halfway then I take the mouse and move it a little bit farther to the right each time it stops to be able to hear the end. I thought it was just my connection. I enjoy hearing your perspective (biblical) on these issues. Thanks for answering our questions!

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