A Long Road Home

I really don’t know her that well, but for the first time in my experience I watched her normally staid, British countenance shudder.  Suzy Kuj was telling me about the difficulties Sabet has faced since going back to check on their clinic/mission in the Sudan.  His car had broken down on the way into Tonj, their village.  Without parts, it isn’t fixable, and parts take a long time to ship into Africa.  If  the parts don’t come in time, Sabet will have to beg a ride from Tonj to Rumbek on Wednesday (Dec 12th), which is not an easy prospect in a country ravaged by poverty and civil war.  Few have cars, fewer still have gasoline to fuel them.  He has to find a ride, or he won’t make it home for Christmas with his family.

“It’s just been hard, but I needed to hear what you said this morning.”  She was talking about Sunday’s teaching out of Mark 6, where we were reminded that doing God’s will doesn’t guarantee smooth sailing.  I looked at her in awe.  Her two children were playing on the chairs beside us, oblivious to the strain I saw evident on their mother’s face.  As I watched them play, I realized how close to Christmas it is right now.

I stand here at this computer portal, and I’m calling all you Saints to PRAY!  Pray to the Hero, ask that He be the Hero in this circumstance. 

Pray for a miracle, that every obstacle be removed from Sabet’s pathway to his family.  Pray for a ride, pray for fuel, pray for a timely arrival at the airfield that will launch his trip to the states. 

“Oh mighty King, we call on you today for mercies in abundance tomorrow.  Tomorrow let a way be made for Sabet Kuj, our brother, to return to his family for Christmas.  All things are possible with You.  Tear down every barrier to his travel, build up every road.  Grant him wings of an eagle, and set him on his way.  All for your glory.  All for your purposes.  All for your Kingdom.  Let Your Kingdom come, let Your will be done, on this earth like it’s done in Your heaven.  Because Jesus said we could ask, we pray in His name.    Amen.”

If you’re interested in issues dealing with the Sudan, I would like to recommend a movie to you.  It’s called “God Grew Tired of Us“, and it’s really an excellent film.  Go fire up your Netflix account and slam that thing into your que…you won’t be disappointed.

2 thoughts on “A Long Road Home

  1. I really needed to hear the last Sundays message too. Suzy & Sabet are in my daily prayers. My own difficulties seem so miniscule compared to theirs….yet I let them get me down. The last two lessons have really helped me especially here at Christmas time when you have financial difficulties and feel like you’re letting your children down when you can’t buy them any Christmas gifts or don’t know if you have gas money to visit family.

  2. Won’t go into where my mind and heart are right now, but the title “A Long Road Home” and the situation Sabet found himself in drew a parallel, in my mind, to this journey each of us make as we travel this long road [of life] to reach our HOME …and I thank my Hero who draws the map, and responds to our prayers.

    Oh Praise Him!!!!

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