Update on a Long Road Home

I don’t know what it looked like in the heavenlies…but it must have been awesome.  The prayers, ascending like smoke before the throne of God.  A Mighty King hears, and smiles…and answers.

Aslan roars.

Sabet found a ride, and left a little earlier than he anticipated.  When he was finally able to reach Suzy, he was in Nairobi and will make his flights easily. 

What has you down?  What problems can stand before the Hero King?  Is He not strong, is He not loving?

Have faith, rejoice….and thank you for your prayers.

One thought on “Update on a Long Road Home

  1. Wow, what an answer to prayer, and yet we are surprised. Surprised that the greatest example of fatherhood came through for one of his kids. We live in a world that often seems held together by doubt, but somewhere, just beyond doubts edge is a voice asking, “do you trust me?” Rob, thanks for sharing. What a great Christmas story.

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