Watching, Waiting, Trusting and Expectant

Last Sunday at Burning House, Patti Crute shared something the Lord laid on her heart.  I though it might be cool to post it here, just in case you missed it, or wanted to revisit it.


Burning House December 30, 2007

As we contemplate the New Year, I believe the Lord wants us to focus on watching & waiting, trusting & expecting. I read an article recently which reminded me of the importance of watching and waiting.

Leading up to Jesus’ arrival on this earth, many were looking for the Messiah. 

But who recognized Him???? 

There were shepherds watching their flock.  They may not have been expecting to see the Messiah that night and granted they were just doing their job, but being in an attitude of watching and waiting, suddenly a Heavenly Host appeared and told them a Savior had been borne….and they were among the first to greet and worship this new King!

Then there was Anna and Simeon in the temple, watching, waiting, and praying.  They recognized Jesus without being told by a Heavenly Host. Why???  Because they were watching and waiting, expectant! 

John 3: 14 & 15 (The Message)          

In the same way Moses lifted the serpent in the desert so people could have something to see and then believeit is necessary for the Son of Man to be lifted up & everyone who looks up to him, trusting and expectant, will gain a real life, eternal life. 

So for 2008, I believe the Lord wants us to be like Anna and Simeon – watching and waiting, trusting and expectant.  May we see him in unexpected places and may we especially be watching for his triumphal return.  He IS coming again.   

One response to “Watching, Waiting, Trusting and Expectant”

  1. Thanks… that’s what I want to be… watchful and expectant. I found this link today:

    I definitely needed to hear what was said in this video, too. Reminded me a lot of how your dad preached, Rob, or maybe how I imagined him to preach (as I’ve only ever heard just a brief moment or two)… Love to hear/read your thoughts on it.

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