“What Being a Man is ALL About…”

“You don’t like an old fashioned Bible, that tells you what bein’ a man’s all about?”

That’s a quote from the embedded video below. (WARNING: this video contains words that some will find crude and offensive, even if it’s found in the Bible)  It’s been making the rounds of various church related blogs I read (props to Real Live Preacher), so I figured I might as well feature it too.

Just so you know…I have to make the assumption that this guy is my brother in Christ, even though I wildly disagree with his exegesis on the passage in question (1 Kings 14:10)…and am offended beyond words by the title of another video he’s posted, “Why Billy Graham is going to hell”. (Click here to see my view on people who feel it necessary to preach “against” another minister, presented in comic strip form)

Either way…he’s my brother…so I’m not trying to pick on him…I’m just sort of fascinated by him.  In all honesty, it would be really nice to think that “this is what’s wrong with America”…because solving our problems would be SO simplified.  No more war, no more poverty, no more hatred…all you have to do is stand up to **….well, you should watch the video, and share your thoughts.

9 responses to ““What Being a Man is ALL About…””

  1. All I can say is that I wish it were as simple as having all the men stand up to urinate.

  2. Of all the things. While I agree that todays society has taken it as a mission to emasculate the men of our world, I think that this issue can be addressed better. I like how John Eldridge speaks of what it is to be a man in his book Wild at Heart. I don’t remember unination in there anywhere….

  3. In the subtle words of internet-folk: OMGWTF.

  4. Just another guy taking a verse and using it as a pretext for his opinion — I have been to so many of these churches. One verse and they talk for an hour. Geez — makes me want to stand up and do something else … puketh. I wonder if that is in the Bible as well?

  5. Several thoughts come to mind…

    1. Apparently the “King James Bible” is the only English translation that God Himself was directly involved in doing…

    2. Apparently homes, businesses, and public sanitary facilities noticed that when men stand and pee they tend to leave the residue of their “God ordained manliness” all over the seat, floor, and wall – and also noticed that admonitions to “be careful”, or “improve your aim”, or “clean up after yourself” didn’t work (As a Dad with three boys, I can vouch for this). I guess they decided to just make a rule for the “pray & spray” guys to just sit-down to pee and eliminate the hygene issue. (They also “apparently didn’t realize” that this act was in direct defiance of God’s Word).

    3. This preacher apparently knows about the personal urination pratices of the President of the United States…cool…

    4. Apparently the term “males” is a sissified, swishy-type term to describe the gender. I wonder if he’d be amenable to “He-men full of manly pee & vinegar”, instead of just the lame term…men.

    I have to tell you Rob, when I first started viewing the video, I honstly thought it was a joke…

    You have more patience than I do.

    Cool cartoon on the “heretic heat-seeking missle”…

  6. My wife won’t EVEN consider a wall … but she lets me “free-range” in my yard. I’m particularly good with trees ! Snow is a manly target too… arghhh.

  7. I learned something from this nut..when i was a Cop in Calif I worked areas where restrooms were not readily available im talking the wee hours of the morning (no pun intended). we would look for a dark alley to relieve ourselves now i was not a Christian then so little did i know I was doing a Godly thing. I remember training one of the first Police women hired for the streets and one night after stopping in the alley to relieve myself i got back in the car and she said I need a restroom I told her ” you wanted to be a cop p..s on the wall like the rest of us.” I will never forget the fire in her eyes as she said ” you drive this car to the hospital or I will shoot you” I drove very fast.
    That became a legend and was… many many years ago something I would never do today.
    I was a jerk for doing that.. but this preacher has gone beyond in fact I will pray he is not confined to a wheelchair

  8. “you drive this car to the hospital or I will shoot you”


  9. only sanitary restrooms after 12 midnight

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