For those of you who watch American Idol…you may find this interesting.

How about that?  It’s been burning up the blog-o-sphere, so I thought I’d put it here too.  Interesting.

Although…I have to ponder this a bit.  One of the comments on the Youtube page where I found this said: “Love love love that he’s Christian. There is nothing sexier than a hot guy saying “Jesus.” What church does he attend? “

Is there really nothing sexier than a hot guy saying “Jesus”?  This isn’t to say that Jason’s faith is bogus…but something makes me shudder when I see the values of the Christian faith reduced to such shallow statements.  I realize it is probably the ramblings of an adolescent girl…but in some ways, I feel like she has aptly described the undercurrents of our modern American church.

I don’t know.  I like Jason Castro…he seems like a really nice kid, so this is in no way meant to denigrate him…but I’m so not interested in making Jesus “sexy” to appeal to the masses.  Jesus calls us to a radical exchange in values…but I’m not so sure we’re hearing Him.

3 thoughts on “Dred-boy!

  1. Rob, I know God is speaking to me with this subject. We watch “American Idol” weekly (love the musical talent!).

    Our family has had Christian teenage girls visiting us the past two weeks for Spring Break. The influence of “sexy glamour” in our culture has been extremely evident lately. It has been difficult for me to be loving and accepting and show unconditional love but I realize God’s truth will be made known in His timing, not mine. “Love” truly is the answer!

  2. I have to agree (with both you and Golda). It seems as though sex/sexiness/sexuality has become the vehicle for EVERYTHING is our society. It sells everything from toothpaste to car tires (has anyone ever smelled a tire store?) It is most disturbing, though not surprising that sexiness has become an attraction for ‘faith’. Everything today has to ‘look good’; it’s all superficially focused. It is especially prevalent in the youth culture of today.

    I also sense that not everyone who claims they are a Christian are actually Christian by the biblical standards -Christ’s standards. It’s more akin to loving the idea of being in love; not knowing love.
    Is this not 2 Tim 4:2-4???

    I think the ‘undercurrents of our modern American church’ are being fed by the monster of commerce and media…and our hungry evil hearts are grazing away on the delicious poison, be it sex, money, glamor, etc. I pose this question: When has the term ‘modern’ become synonymous with better, perfect or true? I know I sound like some freakish antagonistic pessimist…quite the contrary. This is know: The world is fallen. God has mercy. Christ, ALONE, offers life eternal. I have salvation, thus hope. I am not the judge of man’s heart, but I am the discerner of truth in my life, by God’s spirit.

    Let this encourage each of us to continue on the narrow, but true, path in these times of great delusion. Let us feed on solid teaching and not spiritual junk food, and speak truth to those who will hear it…and pray they are hungry for it.

    (sorry… I’m a rambler today!)

  3. i think there are different christians for different sinners and if this lustfull eye accepts the spiritual draw of that child of christ so the seed of being humble can be planted then thats just what she needed.

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