“Holy Rolling Stone!”

Roughly three and a half years ago I had surgery done on my left knee.  It was a little more complicated than it was originally thought to be, and suddenly, without warning, I found myself with a bum knee.  For two years I suffered with daily pain, and an atrophied quad muscle which, I found out later, was the major source of my pain and weakness.

Bottom line?  I could no longer surf.  I couldn’t run, and frankly, didn’t even enjoy walking that much.  I started packing on the pounds and really found myself sinking into a dull depression.

A little more than a year ago, that all began to change.  I spent some very deep, alone time with God…and came back ready to tackle this problem.  I started exercising and building up my quad muscle, as well as the muscles that surround my knee…and lo, it eliminated about 60% of the pain I felt.  With renewed hope, I looked out at that Gulf of Mexico.

When Dolly came through recently, I was out surfing on unusaully beautiful, glassy waves one Thursday morning.  I was out there with Luke B. and I ran into Dave B.  He smiled and said to me “Weren’t you unable to surf for a while?  It’s good to see you back out here.”

Man, what an understatement.  To have something taken away…to face the possibility of letting something go that felt really important to you….only to have it restored.  How do I explain the feeling of that?  Words fall short of expressing the joy and wonder and appreciation I feel.

We’re going to study Mark 15:42-16:8 this Sunday.  We’re down to the last few teachings in this gospel.

As you read this passage…think about the characters again.  What must they be going through?  What are your thoughts about Joe of Arimathea as you read about who he was?  Why do you think he does what he does?  How do you think he felt?

Think about the Marys.  What is thier concern?  What ends up being their solution?

What are your thoughts on any of this?

Too many questions?


3 thoughts on ““Holy Rolling Stone!”

  1. I have thought about the Jewish people who scorned Jesus…They saw the miracles he did and heard his preaching, but now they saw his pending death and thought, “He can’t be the Messiah, the righteous ruler we expected, so that makes him a false prophet, and he should be stoned anyway.” I would’ve been a follower of the law, and would’ve thought the same. (nice, huh)
    Some time ago, I heard a wonderful testimony from a Jewish lady, Judy Reamer, which was posted on northpoint.org. One point she made was that the rabbi taught them, “Everyone makes mistakes, but you are a good person,” and never did he suggest reading the Bible. If she had read the Old Testament, she believes that she would’ve seen her need for a savior.

  2. Rob, I too have a similar story of having something important taken away and then having it restored.
    Three years ago a nurse could not find my pulse (only 30-40 beats per minute). After many tests, the results showed my heart was lacking electrical impulses to make it beat properly. This “fluke” heart condition had been causing me extreme fatigue which affected every area of my life. I prayed constantly asking God to cure me and had faith that he would cure me if it was his will. After 6 months, and my conditon worsening, I realized the only “cure” would be to have a pacemaker implanted.
    It has been two years now and I can hardly believe the difference this pacemaker has made in my life. I did not realize how much I had been missing. I feel like I am ten years younger now and I can be the working wife and mother I need to be for my family. This is such a miracle! God has restored me and I am so appreciative for every day he gives me. I want to serve Him in every area of my life and now He has given me the strength to do just that!

    I can understand how the women felt when their Savior was taken away from them. They loved him so much. But that was not the end of the story. He was restored to them and was raised from the grave! He is alive and is actively working in our lives through the Holy Spirit. Just when we think we have lost something important to us in our lives and we are down and out, our King restores us and we end up even better than we were before!

  3. Right On Golda, You said it perfectly in your last paragraph. “It’s not the end of the story”, it’s the begining of a new world!!! His “Amazing Love” continues to heal us and deliver us day in, day out, year in, year out, hourly and by the minute. Yours, Mine & our King did this thing for us (for me), we didn’t deserve it, but he knew we would need it for our journeys. Jesus blessed us and it goes on and on, today, tomorrow, forever. For real!

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