Dressing the Part

Just a reminder that next Wednesday, Aug 26th, we won’t be having a meeting that night.  Pass the word to anyone who might need to know, and who doesn’t always read this stuff or get announcements. Also, I read an interesting blog post about how Christians interface with new technologies like Facebook.  It’s really worthContinue reading “Dressing the Part”

What Not to Wear

Whooops.  I was so sick this week, this thing slipped right past me.  I’m feeling better now…so let’s think about our text for this Sunday…shall we? This week we’ll be starting chapter 3 of Colossians, and reading the first 11 verses.  (Message version) In the last chapter, Paul talked about taking care not to letContinue reading “What Not to Wear”

Avoiding Extremes (part two)

As we come back to our study in Colossians this weekend, we’ll be reading vs 11-23.  Of course, here it is in the Message.  As we started chapter two, we looked at the extremes we want to avoid when it comes to our efforts to live out the teachings of Christ.  We want to avoid the extremism of isolation…ourContinue reading “Avoiding Extremes (part two)”

Avoiding Extremes (part one)

One of the things that I think is fascinating about the New Testament is the ease in which it deals with antinomies.  On one hand, we are encouraged to sell out completely when it comes to our allegiance and love for Christ; and on the other hand we are cautioned about become extremists in theContinue reading “Avoiding Extremes (part one)”

Colossians 1:24-29 – Good to Grow!

Hey Everybody!  Sorry to bail out on you so suddenly last week.  My daughter (Jessica) was given tickets to the Bears/Falcons game…and wonder of wonder, she asked her old man to go with her.  How can a guy pass up quality time with his daughter, AND great NFL tickets to boot?  We were on theContinue reading “Colossians 1:24-29 – Good to Grow!”

The Great Convergence

First, before we talk about the passage we’ll be looking at this Sunday, I need to offer an apology.  I was confronted about the Jib Jab video I showed at the beginning of my teaching, and was advised that it really wasn’t appropriate for public viewing.  For at least one person, and maybe more, the subjectContinue reading “The Great Convergence”


This Sunday we’ll keep looking at Paul’s introductory remarks to the church in Colosse.  We’ll read vs 9-14 in chapter one.  In this section, Paul moves from complimenting the stuff he knows about the Christians in Colosse, to the stuff he’s hoping for concerning them. The whole movement of this section is about change.  V12-14giveContinue reading “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes”

What Does A Christ Follower Look Like?

Hey Everyone!  We’re back…and we had a great time in the UK.  I actually drove a little over there…yeesh.  It wasn’t so bad until you got to roads which were designed for almost one car, and two cars had to pass on it.  All in all though, it was a refreshing getaway for Robbie andContinue reading “What Does A Christ Follower Look Like?”

We Are a Moment, You Are Forever

HEY…I just realized what I forgot!  This week we’ll be finishing up our short (or long, depending on your attention span) study of Psalm 103.  This week, we’ll be reading v 15-22.  As you read it, what do you learn about yourself…what does it reveal about God to you? Has anyone ever said, or haveContinue reading “We Are a Moment, You Are Forever”

Proactive Spirituality (2), Our Frailty, His Favor

We will be returning to Psalm 103 this Sunday, and we’ll be reading vs 8-14.  It would be hard to find a more comforting set of verses in all the Bible…though there are many of them to choose from.  The revelation of God…and how He views humanity which is set forth in vs 8-14 standContinue reading “Proactive Spirituality (2), Our Frailty, His Favor”