Emergency In Haiti

Hey all…we just received this update from Patrick and Barb Lataillade in Haiti.  Please be praying for them during this crisis…and allow your heart to be open to responding to their plea for support. 


Gustav Disaster

I, Barb, feel like Nehemiah when he heard of the destruction of Jerusalem, and he was in a foreign land. I am in Port au Prince, but the villages in the areas where we have churches are in dire need. What little they had, is now taken away!! (At this writing, Patrick is still stranded in the village.)

Every village where we have planted a church has been damaged by the hurricane. All the roads to these villages have been destroyed. The roads need to be rebuilt or repaired. If we get enough funds in, we can have a tractor/grater come in to fill the craters that are now in the road, and level out the roads again. We will need cement to build the “bridges” to cross over the deeper streams.

Marche Kabrit has no water. The water source has been destroyed. They had water piped from the mountain.

We need to get food (bags of rice, corn, beans) to the people. Right now they are eating the animals that have died during Hurricane, and the fruit from the fallen trees.

Homes need to be built, and we need to help farmers get their gardens replanted.

If God is speaking to your heart to help give the village people their life back, click here. You can give online gifts that are tax deductible.

Please feel free to forward this to your friends, church family or work place.

We are so grateful to each of you who are praying for this situation.
Thank you so much.

Patrick and Barb Lataillade

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