What Does A Christ Follower Look Like?

Hey Everyone!  We’re back…and we had a great time in the UK.  I actually drove a little over there…yeesh.  It wasn’t so bad until you got to roads which were designed for almost one car, and two cars had to pass on it.  All in all though, it was a refreshing getaway for Robbie and I…and we really appreciate your prayers. 

I heard that the teachings these last two Sundays were good…but that’s all over now, because I’m back.

This Sunday we’re going to start a new series on the book of Colossians.  It comes next in line as we journey through the didactic epistles (teaching letters).  We’ll sort of introduce the book (background, purpose, author, etc…) and then read vs 1-8 of chapter one.  You can read the Message version here, which I recomend, because the run-on sentence in vs 3-8 is a little tough to navigate as is.

What words seem inportant to you as you read these verses?  What does it seem Paul is thankful about when he thinks of these Colossian Christians?  How does that apply to our lives…how does it apply to our understanding of how we should be living as followers of Christ?

Anyway…its good to be back.  We’ll see you all on Sunday!

4 thoughts on “What Does A Christ Follower Look Like?

  1. It would seem that in Paul’s world of crazy Corinthians and goofy Galatians, the church at Colosse was a breath of fresh air. You can feel it in his writing, “finally, someone gets it” . This is evident from the comments that he made concerning their steadfastness in the faith and continuing hunger for truth — he was proud of their progress and overjoyed to see “the Message bearing fruit”.

    For us, that is the challenge isn’t it, to stay steady, to grow gradually, to follow Jesus step by step and day by day. No secret formulas, no mantras to chant, to special anointings needed, just letting the message grow in us as it did in the Colossians. That is the true secret of success. Jesus said it himself, “the kingdom of God is like this, a seed was planted in the ground…..” Bit by bit, step by step, day by day.

    Glad your back


  2. What stands out to me in these verses is that just as the message of the gospel grows stronger, we grow stronger and more hungry for Jesus in our lives. The love of Jesus is so powerful and amazing!!!

  3. John- It’s good to BE back. You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about your comment concerning Paul’s tone in this introduction to his letter. You’re right…it really seems like he’s addressing people who “finally get it”. What’s weird is, the whole letter from this point on will be Paul correcting some really flakey doctrine. They were following some strange mixture of pagan mysticism, Jewish legalism and Greek Gnosticism. Doctrinally, they were totally wack….

    …yet here we have Paul beginning his letter and addressing these believers as though they are the cream of the crop.

    It got me thinking about how we as the modern American church usually handle people whose doctrine doesn’t agree with ours. We usually start off calling them the great apostates or whatnot, don’t we? Have you read any of Rob Bell’s critics…or Brian McLaren’s? I may not agree with those two men, but I can honestly say I’m thankful for their faith in Christ, and the good they have done.

    I wonder what would happen if, in our disagreement over doctrine, we would start our communications the way Paul did with the Colossians? It also tells me something about Paul’s priorities…doesn’t it?

  4. Ah, you mean we should be known by our love? I think I read something about that once, seems to me that I remember an itinerant jewish rabbi saying something like that about his followers. Didn’t I read somewhere that they killed him? See what love will get you.

    I agree, it does seem that Paul had different priorities, looks like he saw things a bit differently than they might have appeared on the surface. Makes me wonder what the torch carrying, doctrine protecting mobs (or blogs) would do to him if he were around today. Sadly, I think I know the answer.

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