Omitted Prayer Request

Y’know…I got so wound up with stressing over last Sunday’s teaching that I forgot to mention a prayer request that Jim Scroggs (you usually see him behind the drums during the worship service)…so…here it is now.  I’ll post it here and on the Prayer Wall page. 

A friend of my from High School (Connie Carroll) who I have been emailing back and forth for a couple

year’s sister (Ellen Hapner) died this morning 25/Nov/08.  She was only 38 years old.  She died from

an aneurysm.  She had been having headaches and forgetfulness for about a week.  She

came home this morning from work, took a shower, got in her pajama’s, then sat in her

chair, closed her eyes and never woke up.  Her husband called the paramedics, but she

had already passed away.  My friend told me that Ellen had recently been Baptized.  Could

you please do a prayer this Sunday at Church.  We will be out of town so I’ll miss it, but just

knowing will be of comfort.  I had met Ellen a couple times back in the school days.  But this

prayer request is for my friend, her family and for Ellen.


 God Bless

Jim Scroggs

We’ll keep their family in prayer.

One response to “Omitted Prayer Request”

  1. Man, I just want you to know how much I have learned from your teachings. God has really used you in helping me with changing my head strong ways of the christian church and softened my hart in some coolways. Thanks for letting God and his spirit use you in presenting the word. I hope you will let me count you as a brother and friend, thanks. Oh! I was in Orlando and went to Calvery South, Charles Nestors group. He made mention of you and EastGate. Said we were the church on the beach with and interstste running through it. HA HA! His folks are planning to spend some time at the Christian Retreat in near future. Thought you could raz him of spyies in area at his church. I will probably be there this sunday. Hope Elsie gets the job here in PCB sooooon. These evey other week trips are getting old. Thanks, Bruce

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