Church is for Losers!


We’re going to continue our series concerning Church Life in Real Life, and read 1 Timothy 1:12-20 this Sunday.  (You should read it in the Message too )

In the opening of chapter 1, Paul launched his war on error, pointing out that some of the leaders there in Ephesus had lost their way and were corrupting the message of the gospel.  The things that he highlighted as being out of sorts gave us clues about what was happening with these leaders.  They were reading into genealogies to create some sense of elevation for themselves…a claim to a higher calling and closer position to God.

Since they were making themselves out to be special…Paul bares his own past, and shows what kind of person he had been, that made him suitable for being a minister of the gospel.  What does he say about his own background in light of his present calling, in v12-17?

When you read his words…do you see yourself there at all?  In light of leaders trying to elevate themselves, what do you think Paul is trying to get across here?  V15 gives one of the most brilliantly succinct summaries of the gospel and it’s message to the world.  A person could spend a lifetime contemplating that verse, and all of it’s implications.  What are your thoughts concerning v15…how do you read it?

Timothy, the one the letter is written to, was a young man Paul had been mentoring.  He’s very likely only in his early 20’s at the writing of this letter.  What is it that Paul points to as a validation of his ministry and calling in v18?  How comfortable would you be, trusting in someone’s qualifications to lead people who was very young, had minimal training, and who’s primary evidence of his calling was a prophecy someone else had spoken over him?  This tells us something about how GOD goes about making someone qualified for the work of His kingdom…and it’s a far cry from the expectations we normally like to place on people.

Paul finishes off the chapter by calling out two guys by name, Hymenaeus and Alexander.  We don’t know anything about them, really.  Hymenaeus is mentioned again in 2 Timothy 2:17, and the “cancerous” teaching they endorse has to do with the claiming that the resurrection had already happened.  Obviously, that’s referring to the resurrection of the saints at the end of the age.  The implications of that message could take believers down many different rabbit holes…to the point where one might say “If the resurrection has already happened, and Jesus isn’t coming back, why would I follow His ways anymore?”.  It’s logical.  Paul “hands them over to Satan”…that is, he’s letting them go their own way unhindered, he’s not going to try force them into truth…if they want to ally themselves with the enemy of God’s plan, let them go for it.  But he has a reason for letting them go…a goal he’s hoping to see accomplished.  What is that goal, in v20?  What does that tell us about our hopes, even for those who seem to have lost their faith?

The Church isn’t a haven for really good people to get together in and pat themselves on the back for how much better they are than everybody else.  The church is for LOSERS…who’ve been rescued by the unrelenting love of God, through Jesus the Hero King.  That sure does make me feel at home there… about you?

7 responses to “Church is for Losers!”

  1. My pastor made me laugh on Easter Sunday when he welcomed all the sinners to the service. He said we’re not those small sinners who promised not to drink coffee for Lent and then had a sip, we’re really BIG sinners and we’re here because we’ve been saved. Everyone shouted with joy!

  2. Good thoughts, I am looking forward to this series. Paul is such a interesting teacher of God’s word I sometimes wonder if there were a Paul like teacher today would anyone take him serious. See you in church.

  3. During my “younger days” in my twenties, I used to say, “Church is full of hypocrites so why would I want to attend church?”
    In my mid-thirties, during my sweet grand-mother’s funeral, I realized she has something Special and I wanted it too. She loved Jesus and belonged to Him & I knew she was going to be with Him forever. Not too long after her funeral, I was invited by my inlaws to attend their church Homecoming celebration. During the sermons, I would cry because I was so overwhelmed by Jesus love and His grace for me as we would read from Romans each Sunday. How could He love me so much! Jesus filled my heart and changed me. I was baptized to symbolize this wonderful change. His amazing grace can change a Loser just like me.

  4. Another thought: My mother tells me, “Church is a hospital full of sick people.”

  5. My favorite Grandpa died on God Friday this month. He said if he went to church, it would burn down. He was a proud WW2 veteran and also a prison guard for Charlie Manson. Grandpa had a tough exterior and a soft heart.

    He was to proud and thought he would not be saved going to church or believing in Christ. There are other members of my family who use the same excuse and feel too guilty to attend a service or accept the salvation of Jesus.

    I’m desperate to find a way for this group of stagnant non-Believers to find their way to Jesus. I want them to know that the price Jesus paid with his blood was more important than their big sin, or their lifetime of sins. If they would only accept his gift of life, their sins are washed away. With faith, their guilt and lifetime shame and constant depression are relieved as they accept the love of God.

    If one person reads this, know that there is no sin too great to be forgiven. Accept the gift of life!

  6. Im so glad church is for losers. Its taken me all my life to find it! Or i really should say that i found Jesus or i mean i surrendered to his unconditional love! Its a ardent battle this life and im so thankful i have my lord! i want to do good for him so much! i know im a miserable sinner but his love is so true! Christine i can relate to generations of my family also living without Christ. It is very painful but we as warriors have to stand like” righteous oaks”for them and help free them from this generational sin! Isaiah 61:1-4 has helped me tremendously. We know Christ is in control and he is watching over our families.He is the sovereign God! I am also thankful for Eastgate and all the comradery and love that is present there.

    1. Thank you Suzanne, I looked up the verse you mentioned and enjoyed reading it. There is no feeling so great as feeling the love of Jesus. I’m a Christ warrior, aka, Believer.

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