One Touch Cleaning

Hey all…sorry this is late.  This Sunday we’ll be reading Luke 5:12-16, the story of how a man with leprosy got healed.  Jewish law forbade anyone to get too close to a person with leprosy, obviously to curb the spread of contamination.  A person would be considered ceremonially unclean if he were to actually touch a person who had leprosy.

What does Jesus do when a person with this disease approaches him?

What do we learn about ourselves from this…both how Jesus treats us, and how we should treat others?

The graphic novel is coming along nicely.  I’m inking page 25 (out of 28) today while Robbie is flatting pages 23-24,—and should only miss the first deadline by a few days.  I’ve been given until the first part of April to get my part done.  Thanks for all the kind words and prayers for this project.  Below are a few examples of inked and colored pages.  Ben Avery is doing the lettering.

3 thoughts on “One Touch Cleaning

  1. I recently saw a preacher on TV telling how when they found out that someone in the congregation was not following a rule, they would single them out, and if correction wasn’t there, they ran them out of the church. The crowd and other preachers heard this applauded and supported him.

    A friend of mine was telling me about a large church that places great emphasis on communion. If a person does not go before the church leaders and confess and receive forgiveness of a sin/sins, they are forbidden to recieve communion. It is actually considered a sin. (I though Christ died for our sins, so that sound kind of in opposition).

    How far have we come from Luke 4:18-19 in our churches? How far have we come from spreading the gospel in our lives?

  2. It’s pretty obvious from this account that Jesus isn’t shy about reaching out to those that the church would deem untouchable. Anyone that has been in or around the church for 15 minutes realizes that we have just as many untouchables in 2010 as they did in 10 AD. We have taken the directive to “Be Ye Holy” to mean that we should stay away from anything or anyone that might dirty our saintly robes. It’s funny that the one that breathed the words, “Be Ye Holy” failed to understand their meaning. Or perhaps he did and we are the ones who are wrong.

  3. Wow! I found so many lessons in these small amount of verses:

    1) The leper knew he was not worthy but he came to Jesus humbly but trusting in Him. Jesus was waiting just for him, just like He is for us, to cleanse us and to heal us.

    2) Jesus actually touched the leper, showing such love and compassion, just like He touches us with His amazing love. We can touch others who are considered “untouchable”with this same love.

    3) Jesus broke the rules of “religion” by touching the leper by showing them and us that it is all about loving Him and loving others, not about religious rules and regulations.

    4) Jesus told the leper not to tell others but to tell the priests. He had a plan and a purpose and we see why later in His story.

    5) Jesus healed so many people and I imagine it was very tiring for Him. He withdrew to His father for strength. He showed us where we can go when we need to renew our strength.

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