Against the Grain of Legalism

Hey…you know what?  15 years ago today, we had our very first Sunday meeting under the moniker of Eastgate Christian Fellowship.  A handful of broken misfits sitting around in a converted dress shop in the Promenade Mall, which has grown into a larger gathering of broken misfits sitting around in a converted gym.  I can remember the trepidation I felt that morning…concerned that I didn’t really know what I was doing.  After 15 years, I’m still waiting for that feeling to subside.  Nevertheless, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Eastgate…I think some good things have come of this experiment, in spite of us!

This Sunday we’ll be reading Luke 6:1-11.

In this passage, Jesus is confronted about the keeping of the Sabbath in two different stories.  V 5 and V9 seem to be the bottom line to each of the encounters.  What do you take from these vignettes?  What is Jesus trying to convey to the religious leaders about the law, Himself and what it means to please God?

When we  think about the Pharisees’ application of the law, what warning can we take to ourselves in our own application of the Gospel?

It should be an interesting study, hope you can make it!

9 thoughts on “Against the Grain of Legalism

  1. Vs 5 & 9 seem to me to confirm the two aspects of God that we quote from David’s writings:
    God controls everything ( He is strong); And whatever He does is good. ( He is loving)

    Happy Birthday Eastgate! How did you know this was the date? Do you have secret documents that you are hiding from me?

  2. These two stories appear in the same sequence in all three synoptics. In Matthew and Mark its written as if the two events occur on the same day. Luke is very intentional about this happening on ‘another Sabbath.’ I wonder why. Maybe Peter was adamant about it, or someone else. Or maybe Luke wanted to make a point that this was an ongoing theme in Jesus’ ministry.

    What strikes me is how very deliberate the synoptics are in the effort to stand against the legalism of Sabbath-keeping. By putting these two stories back to back it drives the point home with a vengeance.

  3. I wonder if Christ is asking in these verses,

    Why do you set aside one day for Me while I set aside all days for you?

  4. I had a difficult time growing up due to one of my parent’s legalistic religion, Sat. sabbath, old covenant holy days, rules, ect. I am always so grateful to hear how Jesus views and interprets the law. I still struggle with old memories and habits, but Jesus is in control of my life now. Jesus established the New Covenant of Grace which gives me freedom from the rules and I can now focus on Him and His love!!!

  5. What I take from this is that our God is a people person. He cares more about the people he created than any law or rule.
    I think the sabbath day was created for mankind so that we would have a day to rest from our work much like God took a day off and rested after creating everything.

    I dont think God had ever intended the sabbath to become a platform for people to gain an inflated sense of self righteousness and a means of controlling others like the Jewish leadership had done.

    In their misinterpretation of the law they were blind to the fact that to God, people always come first.

    Sometimes we can get so caught up in religious workings that we forget about people. We can become so self focused on our own abilities to do everything” right” that we forget what is really important.

    Jesus has done everything “right” on our behalf and the only true righteousness we will ever find is in Him.

    That kinda frees us up to live for whats really important to God. Loving and caring for others every day of the week.

  6. Happy Birthday Eastgate. We had just moved down from MD to PCB and we walked into Eastgate on that very day, even had lunch with you guys at Shoneys. Hard to believe it was 15 yrs ago….& we still like you! lol

    I agree with Rob….great responses.

  7. Happy Birthday Eastgate!

    I was so blessed to have had God lead me to ya’ll several years ago when I fell to my knees and asked to know Him more.
    I thank God everyday He let’s me wake up and to advance His Kingdom in any way that I can, with whatever I can from wherever I am 🙂

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