A Small and Slow Dominion

This Sunday we’ll be reading Luke 13:18-21.

Jesus compares the advancing rule of God over the hearts of people to tiny seeds and yeast.  Very small things that lead to a greater presence and influence. Why do you suppose Jesus told this parable right on the heels of healing the woman who was doubled over?  What connection do you make?

If you were to consider what is most effective in the church right now, what would it be?  How do you measure effectiveness- by size or number or monetary value…or something else?  How would Jesus’ parable effect your thoughts on what constitutes success?

Just some quick thoughts before Sunday.  Please pray for Ralph Marinachi, Sue Watson and P.J. Watner, they’re all pretty sick and in need of God’s healing touch.  Of course, don’t forget to pray for the people of Japan.

4 thoughts on “A Small and Slow Dominion

  1. Can you imagine what happened when the bent over gal went to her weekly support group for cripples.What a stir she must have created as she danced in that week praising this Jesus whom she had just met as He was teaching in the temple on the previous Sunday!He actually took the time to notice her and her condition and than proceeded to heal her(on a Sunday no less)and set her free from the infirmity that had plauged her for 18 long years.I’m thinking she was very eager to share this with the check out boy at Publix when he inquired on “whats up with the straight back?” As well as everyone else who looked upon her straightness in disbelief!!How many people did she than share the good news with?Could it be that Jesus was modeling for me and you the most effective way to reach others with the Good News of the Gospel,that is..one on one.As in my case (thru my mom)how many of us have learned of the Hope that we now have thru another person,a friend ,relative,co-worker?Thru 12 men the whole earth was shaken.Kind of like the original pyramid scheme but there is no product or service..Just changed lives that will be impacted for all eternity!!! It started out small(like a mustard seed)and look where we are today as believers.Who is that one person who might not darken a church door that is waitng to hear of our Saviors Love and Grace thru me or you?

  2. Great Comments! I was thinking about what happens when you make bread. A very small amount of yeast (leavening) is added, then the dough has to sit while this amazing magical chemical process occurs. God will bring people into His Kingdom in this same magical way (slowly but surely) and in His timing. Jesus used dough as a metaphor to help us understand He is in control of this process from start to finish. How cool!

    • Golda, Was reading your comment and it really touched me this morning. Thank you. God is in control and that is a relief to me.

  3. TC, totally agree. Maybe the motto for humanity/church should be, “Humanity: making simple things complicated since the beginning of time.” We go to conferences and read books searching for ways to understand how to reach “our generation”. We look to the media and culture for cues, hoping to shape and mold our message into something the masses can understand and accept. But Jesus says, “guys it’s not that hard”. It’s the Faberge Shampoo model of ministry– women crippled for 18 years walks in totally healed. She tells her friends what happened, then they tell their friends, and they tell their friends and so on and so on. The plan is beautiful in it’s simplicity. Not fast or flashy, but how the church has grown for nearly 2000 years. There is so much emphasis in the church on programs and processes to reach the lost. Still nothing carries the force of a single person with a story. Surely the words, “let me tell you how Jesus changed my life….” must cause stark terror in deepest regions of Hell. And the Kingdom advances.

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