It’s All About Image

Phew…where’d THIS week go?

This Sunday we’ll be reading Luke 20:20-26 – the famous passage where Jesus is questioned about paying taxes (feel free to hum the Beatles “Taxman” song here – oh, and you’re welcome for the earworm).

The overriding theme here has to do with image.  Religion has an image, presented in v 20-22 – how would you characterize it?

Jesus mentions Caesar’s image on the coin he’s shown.  What do you think he meant by “give back to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s”?  How do you interpret that for your own life?

Jesus also says to give to God the things that are God’s.  What bear’s God’s image that we would give back to him?

As you read this passage, do you think Jesus was trying to establish new laws that govern a fair tax code?  Do you think Jesus was making a political statement?  Who brought the subject up in this story, and why?  Does that inform your idea about Jesus’ priorities in this?

Well…we’ll explore it all together this Sunday…hope to see you there!

One thought on “It’s All About Image

  1. It seems religion does have an image and has had the same one sadly forever. The religious folks were being hypocrites … acting like they trusted Jesus’ teachings but really trying to trip Him up. Many people avoid church because we “christians” don’t look much like Christ to them. Not sure about the giving back to Caesar what is his but maybe it just means “obey the laws of the land”, if you owe taxes, pay them. Giving back to God what is His I think means ourselves. We are sapposed to bear His image although I know I fall way short a LOT of the time. His priority for us is not just our cash in the offering but our lives conformed to His word and reflecting His love through the way we love others with our words, actions, and finances. He is after our heart…

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