The Shared Life Imperative

Hey all…this coming Sunday we’re taking a short detour from Luke, to discuss the importance of community to the Christian walk. We’re also going to be announcing some new initiatives we’re taking to see new small groups develop in our church.

A passage we’ll be looking at is 1 John 1:1-7…at least sections of it – v 2 and v7 are key to our discussion.

What is John’s reason for writing to the start up church he’s writing to, according to verse 2?  What is the result of this life of light, as v7 describes it?

When you think of your life of following Jesus, how important of a role does community play in your thinking?  Think about living a life in harmony with God.  What role do the people in your life play in living the life you just imagined?  How easy is it for you to make friends…and how many close friends do you have in your experience of church?

These are really important issues…hope you can be there!

Also…Oct 30th we’ll be having a special morning service, with a performance by David Payne of “The Prisoner of Passion”.  This should be an outstanding event, please make plans to be there!  Children’s classes will begin at 9am and 11am, as there will not be a worship service.  Kids are welcome to see the performance, but we’re asking that they sit with parents, and not near the front – we really want to minimize distractions.  Then, at 7pm that night, he will do a repeat performance of “An Evening With C.S. Lewis”…a really outstanding play.  Again, hope you can make it!

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