Traveling Between Two Worlds

If you knew the end of the world was going to happen tomorrow…would you do anything differently?

In our study of 1Peter this Sunday we’ll be reading chapter 4:7-11. Pete will start his exhortation with a declaration of the end of the world, followed by a challenge to live accordingly.

What’s interesting to me is what he says we should be doing in light of the end. Not this, or this or even this.

What DOES Peter say we should be all about since this world is passing away?

Do you see a difference between the characteristics Peter mentions here and just normal living as a Christ Follower? What does this tell you?

What connection do you think loving others has with this world ending and a new one beginning?

What connection do you see between loving others and serving others?

Peter says to show hospitality, that is, be welcoming and kind toward others without grumbling or complaining. Have you ever done some act of kindness for someone who didn’t seem to appreciate it at all? How hard was it for you not to complain about it?  Does the motive of serving others for God’s glory help to guide you in your response to a poor reaction to your intended good? If so, how?

I’m stoked about this study…hope to see you Sunday!

One thought on “Traveling Between Two Worlds

  1. My first thought was what I learned from my mom growing up “God wants us to love the unlovable”. I struggle with this at work so much because so many people are not so lovable (backstabbers, liars, those climbing the political ladder stepping on anyone in their way) and I struggle every day trying to show them the love I feel God wants me to show them. It is Harrrrrrrrrrrrd.

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