Leaders in the Community

We’ve said on numerous occasions that church is a pretty dangerous place. The fact is, any time you get a bunch of humans together the potential for everything going stupid always looms large in the wings. When we join to a community of believers, we put so much on the line; like our hope and trust and security.

What I find interesting is that this danger is historically consistent. All the way back to the beginning of the church in the writings of the New Testament we have warnings, instructions and qualifiers meant to minimize the potential risk associated with joining the community of the church.

Our study in 1 Peter will look at those kinds of instructions this Sunday as we read chapter 5:1-5.

If you were to sum up what characteristic the leadership of the church should have, how  would you word it based on this passage? Of these characteristics listed, which do you find most crucial for the well being of the whole community?

What responsibilities does the larger community have when it comes to ensuring that it’s leaders are good leaders?

How can humble cooperation among all the members of the community and it’s leadership help to minimize the potential danger of associating with the church?

It should prove to be an interesting read. Hope to see you on Sunday!


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