What sort of things do you consider to be part of a stable life? What kinds of events or circumstances seem to threaten a person’s stability in life? This Sunday we’re going to consider some of the things that go into a stable, unshakable life as the book of Hebrews describes it. We’ll be reading Hebrews 12:14-29.

If I were to be honest, I’m not that crazy about what v12 commands of us. What sort of person do you find it most difficult to have peace with? The Greek word for “strive” is dioko – which means to run after something, as though to hunt it. What connection do you see between peace, grace and holiness?

The story of Esau is found it Genesis 25-27. What do you believe the moral of his story is? How can prioritizing eternal goals keep us from falling into sin and painful consequences they sometimes carry?

In v18-24 the writer of Hebrews comes to his stunning climax of the letter by displaying the intense contrast between Mount Sinai where the law was given to Israel, and the result of a faith in Jesus, which brings us into God’s welcoming presence, pictured as Mount Zion. Everything about it is better…greater, hence the theme of this whole letter. What did the blood of Able speak? What does the blood of Christ speak on our behalf?

The writer finishes off by reminding us (something consistently proclaimed in Scripture) that this broken world is going to be shaken out of it’s place, and a new, resurrected world will emerge. The point he’s making is a warning about who we ally with. The shakeable world will go into destruction – but those allied with Christ will not be shaken. V28 tells us what a stable response to this grace would be – what is it?

What are your thoughts about v29? Does it make you nervous, or stoked? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

Really looking forward to this teaching! Hope to see you there!

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