Tangibly Greater

heb graph webThis Sunday we’ll be finishing up our study in the book of Hebrews, reading all of chapter 13 and the writer’s closing thoughts.

There is a lot packed into the wrap-up – but in many ways the author is restating in practical terms what’s been unfolding in the previous 12 chapters. We are given a framework by which the greater life that comes through Christ can be lived out. We have described for us how Jesus is tangibly greater.

in v1-6 we’re encouraged about where, how and who we give our love to. The word that the writer uses for “love” in v1 is “philedelphia“. How can a familial sort of love be encouraged within the church community? In what ways can a church community show hospitality to stranger?

The Christian has always been called to a counter-cultural view of sex and sexuality and materialism. How does our culture view sex, and how does that differ from God’s intent according to this passage in Hebrews? How can a love for money interfere with our love for God? How does remembering God’s care for us influence us away from loving money?

In v7-17 we move from love to faith. What leaders do you suppose the writer has in mind, and what do you think it means to honor them? Given all the other instructions found in the New Testament about discerning what’s being taught to us, this can’t mean that we follow people without question. What are some ways we can we question or even disagree with a leader and still be respectful of the calling?

Considering that Hebrews is written to Jewish believers who are feeling the pressure of claiming Jesus as Messiah – what comfort would it bring to them to remember that Jesus accomplished God’s great purposes outside of Jerusalem and away from the temple?

What sacrifices does the writer challenge us to bring to God? How are they different from the sacrifices of the Old Testament?

This has been a challenging book, that’s for sure….but also very rewarding. I hope it’s been that way for you too. See you Sunday!

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