God is Love

As I mentioned today, here is 1 Corinthians 13 with God replaced for the word “love”, and ourselves inserted into the text. This is a good starting place for gaining a new perspective on the source of love in our lives.


 GOD is patient and kind with me.

God is not jealous, God does not brag,

and is not proud.

 GOD is not rude towards me, is not selfish,

and does not get upset with me.

GOD does not count up wrongs that

 I have done.

  GOD is not happy with the

evil that happens in my life,

but is happy with the truth forming in me.

 GOD patiently endures all things in me.

God always trusts, always hopes,

and always remains strong for me.

 God’s Love never ends for me.

Also – some people had asked for a copy of the slideshow – so here is a PDF you can download: love actually


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