Job 3 – The Breaking Point really seems like an appropriate study lately, given the global concerns about CONVID-19. We are still weighing out our options about our normal 10 am meeting tomorrow, but we will be broadcasting live on YouTube and Facebook. We’ll address our next steps, but it seems likely that we’ll move to online only for the next few weeks after that. The leadership at Eastgate is in discussion about this – We’ll keep you posted.

This Sunday we’ll be reading Job 3  – this is where Job reaches his breaking point. Again, we have an audio reading of that chapter above. These audio versions will become important as we move along, because we’ll be covering multiple chapters at one sitting and we won’t have the time to read the entire passage during the study.

As you read Job 3, what do you think about his state of mind? While he curses his birthday, he doesn’t seem to be suicidal in that he shows no inclination to take his life into his own hands – but he certainly seems to appreciate non-existence to what he’s experiencing. How do you find solace in times when life provides no relief from suffering? Where can you find meaning in times of pain and suffering?

We’re going to consider Job’s view of an afterlife in this study…his view raises some powerful questions for us as New Testament readers.

I’m looking forward to this section – it should prove to be a deeply thought-provoking study.

One response to “Job 3 – The Breaking Point”

  1. Staying home is nothing to be ashamed of. Our heavenly Father has given us wisdom to use knowledge. He used Mose
    to directed the Israelites to quarantine the unclean thousands of years before we started understanding viruses. I think the decision to fellowship online the next two Sundays is wisdom not lack of trust or faith. My family at Eastgate are in my prayers as is the world, knowing that God will work good even out of this virus.

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