A Dried up Brook of Advice

Another crazy week has passed, a lot of disconcerting things have developed, including the closing of our beaches, which I know has a cascading impact on so many people.  In times of distress, we remember that God is still God and the One we look to in times of trouble. Take heart, in His love, there is hope for you. As always, we will keep our eyes and hearts open for ways we can lighten the burden for one another.

This week, our services will be ONLINE ONLY, but you can watch on our YouTube channel or on our Facebook page or in our Facebook Group –  or just click the link on our website  – tune in at 10 am CST.

We’ll continue our very relevant study in the book of Job – and you may be surprisingly comforted by what we discover as we explore those pages. We’ll be covering a lot of ground, ch 4-7 – which I will only read an abridged version of on Sunday morning, so listen to the audio reading of those chapters in their entirety above.

I’m also hoping to do an extended Q&A about Job after the teaching – so if you have any questions about the book, it’s genre, the characters…anything, leave them in the comment section below and we can discuss them on Sunday.

Keep your eyes fixed on the God who loves you – allow His grace to settle all fear and uncertainty – be still, and know He is God.

One response to “A Dried up Brook of Advice”

  1. Craig St.Martin Avatar
    Craig St.Martin

    Just got done listening to 3 troubadours from the Grand Ole Opry – Vince Gill, Brad Paisley, and Marty Stewart (on the mandoliner – shout out to Whit). Good songs to sooth the soul. Leading the lament after the Nashville tornado and the Corona virus that has us all hunkered down. Last song was “Will the circle be unbroken”. We have HOPE yes we have HOPE.

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