The Difference Christ Makes

Hey Eastgate – I trust everyone is staying safe. We had a great time last Thursday partnering with A Hand Up ministry and Truth Fellowship for a pop-up food pantry distribution. A lot of people were helped, and God was glorified. We’ll hopefully be doing that again sometime, it was a deeply edifying experience…despite the face-melting heat.

This Sunday we’ll be having our online only service on Facebook and YouTube – and we’ll be continuing our study in the book of Galatians – Libertas Ex Christo, remembering the freedom we have through Christ. This Sunday we’ll be reading ch1:10-24.

All too often the concept of freedom and grace become misconstrued for lawlessness – living with no moral compass and relying on God’s grace to excuse it. But a careful reading of Paul’s letter to the Galatians makes it clear that Paul didn’t live by that notion. In fact, as we read in our text for this Sunday, Paul has quite a bit to say about the difference Jesus made in his life. As you read over the text, what stands out to you about Paul’s pre-Christian life and his life of following Jesus? In what ways can you observe changes in your own life – in terms of values and priorities – that have happened as a result of committing your life to Jesus?

Far from living any old way he pleased, Paul describes a fundamental re-shaping of his life to the point that people were stunned at his reversals. This will prove to be a challenging insight into his example – hope you can join us!

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