Keys to Unity in Diversity

Hey Eastgate – we’re going to continue our study in Galatians this Sunday – and we’ll be reading Galatians 2:1-10.

This section is still part of Paul’s autobiographical statements made in defense of the gospel he preached to the gentiles. One of the major emphasis’ of Paul’s letters is about unity. We have such a propensity to fragment into tribalism as the human race.  As you read over Paul’s words – keep the idea of unity in mind.  In v 2 we read about Paul submitting his teachings to Peter, who was a big name in the early church. Why does he say he did that, and what do you think this says about Paul? What key to unity can we find in his attitude?

In v4-5 he describes people who wanted to enslave Paul and Titus – what did he see that enslavement as being? Why did he not give in to that according to v5? Who was he resisting for? What key to unity might be seen in this section?

V7 has Peter’s evaluation of Paul. What did they come to as a resolution in v8? How would it encourage unity? How can we follow their example as we interact with believers who hold different traditions from our own?

Hope you can join us online this Sunday at 9AM. Also – it will be another virtual communion – so have your symbols of sustenance ready!

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