The Great Visitation

This Sunday, as we continue our journey through Luke, we’ll be reading The Benedictus of Zechariah. We’ll be covering Luke 1:67-80.

It’s a song that celebrates God’s visitation of the earth. The question is, what kind of visitation is it? Should we be afraid or stoked?

One thing I did when reading this great psalm was to go through and underline all the positive words used in this passage; mercy, save, rescued, etc. When you do that and step back from it, you really get the tone of this song. What feelings are inspired in you as you read this?

What is the covenant God made with Abraham? How does that play into this song? Zechariah starts his song very localized – talking about deliverance from Israel’s enemies. The scope changes in v77-79 – what is talked about in those verses?

How might we embody the characteristics of this Divine Visitation this Christmas?

Hope you can join us on Sunday – either livestreamed at YouTube or Facebook, or in person. Please remember to mask up when you come.

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