The Surprising Power of Christmas

Christmas is almost here! We’re really getting excited, preparing for our Christmas Eve service – doing all we can to make it special and safe.

This Sunday, still in our study of Luke, we’ll be reading the most famous Christmas passage of all – Luke 2:1-10!

As you read through the text, take note of the power dynamics, and especially the contrasts that they provide. Who holds the greatest power in this section, according to the world’s standards of power? How seems insignificant and small?

God chose to invade this world, not through a spectacular means – not as a mighty supernatural being, wielding a flaming sword. God entered into the mess of this world through the tears of an infant and a baby’s cry.

What does that tell us about power from a biblical standpoint? What can we learn about God’s methods of revealing Himself and what does that mean to us, the ones through whom He continues to reveal Himself?

I think this is going to be an encouraging, yet challenging, study! Hope you can join us – again, in person or online on Facebook or YouTube at 10am!


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