Following Jesus

This Sunday we’ll be continuing our journey through Luke – reading chapter 9:46-62.

There is a thematic connection between these verses concerning the nature of our calling to follow Jesus. We call it discipleship. If you read the selection from the link, you’ll notice it’s broken into sections.

The first section contains Jesus’ famous, contradictory words: “the least among you is the greatest”. He used a child to illustrate that hidden reality. In what way might we understand this concept? Do you think Jesus is suggesting that we act in a childish way? What power does a child hold in the world – actually, in the ancient world? What might that tell us about the power dynamics of this world in contrast with the Christ Follower’s attitude toward power and influence?

The second section is one of my favorites – John whines about someone who successfully brought deliverance to a person using Jesus’ name – and he put a stop to it. “How dare you infringe on our trade secrets!”. What does Jesus’ response to John tell us about who we are to consider fellow followers of Jesus?

John gets his brother to join him folly in the next section, where the religious, racial and political tensions between Samaritans and Israelites creates a roadblock for Jesus and his fellow travelers. James and John want to do what all people do when they feel threatened or ill-treated and call for a scorched earth response from Jesus. What does Jesus’ response tell us about our mission as Christ’s Followers?

Finally, things get really intense. Three would-be disciples have very difficult parameters placed on their intentions of being Jesus Followers. Housing, burials and goodbyes seem like reasonable needs to attend to – why do you think Jesus seemed to thwart their intentions concerning them? How does the refrain, “Let me first”, fact or into your interpretation of these encounters?

I hope you can join us for this study on just what it may cost us to claim the name of disciple.

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