The Good News Mission

Did you ever see the movie The Blues Brothers? There was a refrain that was repeated all through the adventure: “We’re on a mission from God”. If you think about it, it was that very sense of mission which propelled them along the entire narrative.

As Christ’s Followers, we are people who have been given a divine mission. This Sunday as we continue our study in Luke, we’ll be reading ch 10:1-24. In this section Jesus once again sends his followers out on mission, this time 70 volunteers who are not part of his 12 disciples.

The section is fairly similar to the opening of ch 9. Why do you think Jesus made these emissaries of the Good News strip their supplies down so much?

What do you think it means when he says to bless the house they’re staying at with God’s peace; how might that characterize the mission we’ve been sent on? What do you think it means to have their peace return to them if they are rejected?

Rejection of the Good News about God’s Kingdom seems to carry a serious ramification, according to Jesus. What might shaking the dust from their feet symbolize?

Jesus makes a very clear connection between His own ministry, the Father who sent Him, and those who believe and share in this mission. To accept or reject one is to accept or reject all. That’s a powerful association. What impact does that have on your thinking about your own life as a Follower of Jesus?

The whole section concludes with such joy – joy of those who participate in the mission, and joy from Jesus, reflecting the joy of the Father. What is it that seems to inspire this sort of divine joy from Jesus and the Father?

I hope you can join us this Sunday as we examine this text and see how it applies to our lives!

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