The Power of Love and Mercy

Lately there has been a big push to find alternative sources of energy, I would think especially since gas prices have escalated so much. Beyond solar and wind, there are all sorts of strange ideas being proposed for cheaper and renewable power sources.

We’re going to be reading about a very surprising source of power in our text this Sunday as we continue our study of Luke. We’ll be reading Luke 18:31-43.

The first section of this passage has the 6th prediction Jesus makes in Luke’s gospel about his approaching arrest and execution. The disciples are fairly blind to what he’s saying – but it’s yet another important reminder of where God’s greatest demonstration of power took place. How would you characterize Christ’s death on the cross? In what ways can we see that same power working through us?

The second part of the passage recounts the healing of a blind man outside of Jericho. It’s a story told in all three synoptic gospels – and it’s the very last healing miracle recorded in Luke’s account of Jesus. What does the blind man cry out for? What does that tell us about the nature of God’s mission?

Why do you think the crowds “in front” tell this man to be quiet? What are some of the pressures you face in our society about your value or place? How might Jesus’ response to this man inform us of where we find our true value?

I love this story so much! I’m really looking forward to exploring this on Sunday – hope you can join us!

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