Grace for a Tree Hugger

Usually when we say so and so was “up a tree”, it’s a bad thing.  It’s an old saying that alludes to an animal, like a squirrel or racoon, that will climb a tree in order to flee from an attacker – but once in the tree, they can’t descend because the threat is still present.

In our study of Luke this Sunday, we’ll be reading about a guy who went up a tree, but found his life profoundly altered and expanded by the experience. Not because of the tree, so much, but because of who saw him there.

We’ll be reading Luke 19:1-10 in our ongoing study of that book this Sunday.

In the story, why did Zacchaeus climb a tree? What was obstructing his view? How might we draw a lesson from that about how accommodating we are to those around us who might want to see Jesus? What things in our modern church might hinder someone’s view of a Savior?

Jesus invites himself to dinner, and that is good for Zacchaeus, but bad in the view of those surrounding Jesus and observing it. Why do you think the people murmur at this? Can you think of a lesson for us to learn from their reaction?

Zacchaeus expresses his intention to radically alter his life choices which will result in a radically diminished lifestyle. What did Jesus say or do to precipitate that sort of response? What might we learn about heart transformation from this account?

I hope you can join us for this intriguing look into one man’s encounter with the King.

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