God of the Living

We’re going to continue in our exploration of the gospel of Luke this Sunday.  We’ll be reading ch 20:27-40.

It’s an odd little encounter that Jesus has with a group of Sadducees. Because the Sadducees don’t believe in an afterlife at all, they pose a riddle that is supposed to show the absurdity of the concept.

They learn the first lesson they needed to learn…never argue religion with Jesus.  He dismantles their proposition very simply…how does he do it…how does he indicate to them that they aren’t starting from the right premise?

Is there anything about what he says about relationships in the afterlife that bothers you? Do you think that Jesus was setting out to describe in detail how life will be after this life, or is there a deeper point you think he’s making?

The hope of an afterlife is actually a very meaningful influence on this present life, isn’t it?  I would say that the hope of an afterlife will revolutionize our present life.  What are some of the positive ways an eternal hope can have on present life…and what could be some negative ways?  How can we, as followers of Christ who have a hope of resurrection and redemption maintain the positive influence of that hope, and not succumb to the negative tendencies?

I look forward to exploring this passage together on Sunday!

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