Hidden in Plain View

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked for some item in our refrigerator at home and turned away declaring “we don’t have any” with absolute confidence…only to have my wife reopen the door and point to said item on the front of the shelf at eye level (and then walk away muttering something about living with an overgrown toddler).

I’m just sayin’, some things seem to hide in plain view.

The reality is, God is often like that. There are things going on and aren’t too easy to spot on the surface, but given time, consideration and prayer, emerge in a fuller detail. In Isaiah 45:15 the prophet declares “Surely, You’re a God who hides Himself!” and I can’t argue with him on that.

We’re going to continue our study in Luke this Sunday, reading ch 20:41- ch 21:4, where we’ll encounter a few “hidden” things. Jesus will pose a riddle, give a rebuke and make an observation about these somewhat obfuscated things.

In 20:41-44 Jesus has his turn to present a riddle – one that quotes Psalm 110 about the promised messianic King – and Jesus asks why David, the ancestor, makes himself subservient to the descendant, instead of the other way around. What do you think Jesus is trying to communicate in this riddle about His own nature? What might be hidden in the person of Jesus that many were overlooking at the time, and many overlook today?

In v 45-47 Jesus rebukes the religious leaders for making an empty show of their spirituality. What might be hiding out behind an emphasis on outward religious performance?

Jesus is people watching in ch 21:1-4 and makes an observation about something that could easily have remain hidden and gone unnoticed. A poor widow gives to the temple treasury out of her poverty and outgives all those who gave from a fraction of their abundance. Take some time to contemplate the lesson of that observation. We usually hear it taught as an impetus to give more to the church…but there is something deeper going on than that. Refer back to Jesus’ rebuke in ch20:47…who were the religious leaders taking advantage of? Think back to what Jesus did when he first entered the temple in ch 19:45-46. What do we make of this woman’s gift and God’s response to it in light of who the recipient of the gift is? That’s something to really ponder for a bit.

This is an intriguing group of texts we’ll be exploring this Sunday – I hope you can join us!

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