A Present Peace, Purpose, and Passion

This Sunday will be the 9/11 anniversary – a date we will most likely never forget given the way in which that event has shaped our nation and society since. Yet there was another event, many, many years ago which we citizens of God’s Kingdom remember weekly, and the effect of that event on our lives and in this world has been profoundly good.

We’ll be reading about the resurrection event in our final study in the Gospel of Luke this Sunday. We started this study nearly two years ago, and I hope we’ve grown closer to Christ and gained a clearer perception of what the Gospel is along the way. We’ll be reading Luke 24:36-53.

The two disciples who met Jesus on the road to Emmaus have just finished telling their story when everyone notices that Jesus is standing there among them. That sort of thing happens in several of the resurrection accounts – what might that suggest to us about the nature of our gathering together as Jesus’ disciples today?

What are the first words from his mouth to his followers? What does that tell us about his desire for us in our gathering?

In v 45-49 Jesus, in essence, hands the keys of ministry over to his disciples. What does v45 say happened to them? What is the purpose of that enlightenment based on v 46-48? What does being a witness mean to you? How comfortable are you with that description?

After Jesus ascends back to the Father’s realm, what do the disciples do? How is their attitude described? Does their attitude seem odd to you, given the fact that they no longer see Jesus? How might we understand our own walk of faith in light of that?

I’ve so enjoyed this study – it’s always a bittersweet thing for me to conclude it. I hope you can join us for our wrap up of this amazing Gospel of Luke!

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