A New Humanity

This Sunday we’ll begin a new series, exploring the book of Ephesians. I’m really excited about this study mostly because I really enjoy this book. We’ll be starting slowly, only reading the prologue found in chapter 1:1-2.

Ephesus was a major port city in ancient Asia Minor (modern day Turkey). Paul had visited that city many years earlier and planted a church which became a hub of the Christian movement. Paul doesn’t give a specific reason for writing this letter – and we’ll go over that more on Sunday.

As you read the first two verses, think about Paul’s introduction of himself and who his intended readers are. He describes himself as an apostle (a leader in the church) – on what does he base his sense of ministry? How much does God’s will play a role in your own understanding of self?

Who he writes to are described in the NLT as “holy people” – but in most older translations they are called “saints”. What is a saint, in your thinking? Who do you think qualifies for that description? We’re going to talk about that on Sunday because it’s very important that we understand who we are in Christ.

There is a surprising amount of content in the two little verses we’ll be looking at – I hope you can join us as we begin this incredible book!

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