God’s Loving Plan

This Sunday we’ll be continuing in our study of Ephesians, reading ch 1:3-14. Paul’s opening after his initial greeting is actually a poem in the Greek. Translated to English, it doesn’t come off as poetically – it’s actually one really long run-on sentence.

As you read over these verses – try to take note of repeated words. In v3-5, what does Paul praise the Father for doing for us through Christ? How does Paul describe God’s attitude when it comes to his gathering us into his family? What does that tell you about your value in God’s eyes? Does that differ from your own sense of value? How can we learn to asses our own worth based on God’s determination?

V6-10 provides us with a revelation of God’s great big plan. What does Paul say it is in v 10? How would you explain God’s plan in your own words?

Paul finishes his poem in v11-14. What role does he describe the Holy Spirit fulfilling in our lives? How much are you aware of the Holy Spirit’s activity in your daily life? What are some ways we can become more alert and responsive to the Holy Spirit’s work day to day?

I’m really looking forward to this study – there some very important truths we need to meditate on when it comes to our relationship with God. I hope you can join us!

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