Spirit Guided Relationships (again)

“What is that out there?” I stood on the beach with other people looking far out to the horizon, trying to make out a strange shape we caught glimpses of at a great distance.

“Doesn’t quite look like a boat, but it’s way out there.” Offered one bystander. It was just a non-descript object that kept flashing in the sunlight. It was just too far away to identify with any certainty.

That’s how I feel sometimes when I’m reading Bible passages that are difficult to understand. I realize that the original authors are so far removed from me, representing cultural ideas that are so foreign to me, it’s easy to get exasperated in trying to figure them out.

That’s part of what’s happening in the section we are studying in Ephesians – and why it’s taken me three weeks to try and lay out how I interpret Paul’s writings concerning the household code of ancient Rome.

We’re returning to the same passage we read last week, because we never really did get into examining the specific instructions Paul was giving to wives, husbands, and children. We did the groundwork to explain that the passage may not be as straight-forward as many have assumed. This Sunday, as we read ch 5:21-6:4 we’ll take a close look at his instructions and see how it can apply to our relationships today.

Janelle is going to join me as we have a conversation about this sometimes-misunderstood passage from the New Testament – and hopefully we’ll all be challenged by Paul’s epic subversion of any culture’s broken dynamics. Paul not only meddles in our lives, he scrambles so many of our concepts of honor and authority, bringing all things into the glorious light of the cross of Jesus Christ!

It should be challenging, informative and hopefully enlightening. I hope you can join us!

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