The Armor of God

This Sunday we’ll be finishing up our study in the book of Ephesians. We’ll be reading ch 6:10-24.

Paul will once again dazzle us with some intriguing imagery by challenging us to put on the full armor of God. It’s a familiar passage to many people, and I’m sure we all have a variety of ways in which we apply this encouragement to our own life of following Jesus.

One thing I want to consider this Sunday is the community nature of Paul’s challenge. What does it mean for the church, corporately, to put on the whole armor of God? Furthermore, what did Paul consider the be the threat for which the church should armor up? If we re-read chapters 2 and 3, we get a clearer view of what Paul likely had in mind.

As you read chapter 6, who does Paul identify as a threat? Who does he clearly state that our battle is not with? In what ways can we become more cognizant of the activity of transcendent evil? How do you imagine each part of the armor Paul describes being applied in real life?

Those are some of the things we’ll be considering this Sunday – I hope you can join us!

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