People of the Overlap

Last Sunday we finished studying the book of Ephesians. Paul was masterful in the way he was able to take the teachings of Jesus and help the church in Ephesus apply those values and beliefs to their everyday lives. What is even more amazing, is that some 2,000 years later, we are still studying his words and applying those truths in our small church halfway across the world.

Even though we typically follow an expository style of teaching, this week we are going to discuss the Kingdom of Heaven and work to discover what it really means. Next week, on February 12, we will start a new book of the Bible that will follow our normal line by line, verse by verse, format.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a subject that Jesus seemed to emphasize a great deal. With all four gospels combined, Jesus references the subject over seventy times. He describes it through parables, he explains it to the crowds, and Jesus even shares about it with the Pharisees who question Him.

Yet, even though the Kingdom of Heaven is mentioned a lot in the gospels and more by Paul later on, it is something many of us still have questions about. What exactly does it mean? What does it have to do with us? Is it describing heaven or paradise? Is it happening now or later? If it’s supposed to be now, then why are so many terrible things still happening? Why do Chrstians still suffer?

These are legitimate questions when it comes to the Kingdom of Heaven, and hopefully ones we can address this Sunday. Join us at 10:00AM for an honest search for truth regarding the Kingdom of Heaven. Let’s learn what it really means, how it applies to us today, and how it can impact our future.

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