Dressing the Part

Just a reminder that next Wednesday, Aug 26th, we won’t be having a meeting that night.  Pass the word to anyone who might need to know, and who doesn’t always read this stuff or get announcements.

Also, I read an interesting blog post about how Christians interface with new technologies like Facebook.  It’s really worth the read.  For any of you Facebook users out there…we started an Eastgate group…go join it!


This Sunday, we’ll be looking at Colossians 3:12-17.  Read it here in the Message.

Paul began this discussion by telling us what attitudes and motives we shouldn’t be guided by.  In the next few verses, he describes the kind of life we should wear.  In v12, Paul again hearkens back to the “because of this, then this should happen” premise.  Because we are included, safe and loved by God, he describes how we should handle our “self-life”…that is, the kind of attitudes we want to cultivate as individuals.  All of the things Paul mentions are only possible to operate from when we feel secure about ourselves. 

If we don’t feel secure about ourselves when it comes to our outer appearance…it effects the way we dress, doesn’t it?  If we feel overweight, we don’t usually like to wear tight clothes.  But if we feel good about how we look, we are more bold in our clothing choices…even willing to show off more of who we are.

That’s what Paul is getting at…when it comes to our inner person, we are in GOOD shape.  We are loved, accepted, set aside like a favorite by God.  If we could really come to grips with that, how would it effect the way we pursue life? 

In v13-14, Paul extends beyond the individual, and describes how we want to interact with other people in general.  Obviously, he repeats Jesus’ command to be forgiving…and then he talks about love.  To quote Tina Turner, “What’s love got to do with it?”.  What is Paul saying about love in connection with human interfacing?

Finally, he gets specific in terms of community, and addresses how the church should dress…not in clothing styles…but in LIFEstyles.  What attitudes should we wear, according to v15-16, when we gather as a church community?  What seems to be the most important thing in this description?  Does it fit your experience with church?

Wrapping it up, Paul sweeps his hands and encompasses all of life in v17.  Everything…everything we do, he says should be done in the “name of Jesus”.  What does this mean?  Does this mean when I go to the bank, and ask for a deposit slip I should say “I need to deposit funds, in the name of Jee-yah-zus!”   Seriously…what is it to do life in Jesus’ name?

Stuff to ponder-fy.

See ya’ Sundee.

6 responses to “Dressing the Part”

  1. When I was in the military, they used to tell us that everything we did (whether while on duty or off) was a reflection on the USAF. We were representatives of the service and had to remember that no matter when, no matter where, we were operating under the mandate (or the name) of Uncle Sam. When I lived in Holland we were constantly told of the damage we might do to our national reputation if we were perceived as “ugly Americans”.
    That’s how I see Paul’s writing to do “all in the name of Jesus.” To continue the analogy, we are citizens of a new kingdom — no matter where or when, we are representatives of that kingdom and that King. We are now operating under a different mandate, dare I say (for fear of being misunderstood) a different authority, that of Jesus. No “ugly Christians” here, instead let love be the foundation, the thing that underpins and upholds everything we do.

  2. I agree. I don’t think one word about, “Jee-yah-zus!”, ever has to be said. I think people just see Him in you. People notice that you’re a nice person, but that there’s also an extra ‘something that they just can’t put their finger on’. To go one step further… I’ve noticed that people seem to either be drawn TO that or completely disgusted by it. I don’t like to push Jesus or the bible on anyone. I like to just live my life, as best as I can, the way that He has asked me to and without ever saying a word I’ve still found that people have the same reaction. They either want more, to dig deeper and find out where that joy comes from or they want nothing to do with you. Hmm… what does Paul have to say about that?

  3. What does love have to do with it? Love has EVERYTHING to do with it!!! True Christian Love unifies us together and we become “the Body of Christ”. Because of the grace and love He showed to us (which we did not deserve) and our new heart change, we can now show this same amazing love to others while UNIFIED in the body of Christ!!!

  4. Love. I think that is an idea all humans ponder the meaning of. It’s also maybe the most misunderstood concept. Walking far away from God at a young age, I can say with hindsight that I only thought I knew what love was. My unrepentant heart had no knowledge of what it REALLY meant to love. My love was always given to benefit myself; to make ME FEEL warm and cozy inside. I offered a guarded love in order to protect my heart from rejection or hurt.

    Having a new perspective and a new heart, I’m learning from my creator what love truly is…SELFLESS! It’s not about how I feel. It’s not a feeling at all. It’s a way of life. Kind of like when you hear the health experts say ‘to lose weight and maintain that optimum weight, you can’t just diet; you must make a lifestyle change…make it a way of life’. That’s how I now view love; love for Jesus was a way of life. It was in everything He did and said. Love WAS/IS His heart. Jesus’ love is offered w/o hesitation or fear of rejection. He doesn’t guard His heart…He flings open the doors and invites everyone to partake in love that gives life and gives life meaning!! I want to give that kind of love! When I interact with others, believers & non-believers alike, I want them to see not me, but Jesus, who embodies God’s love. And since Jesus is LOVE, that is what I must convey in my words and actions to accurately represent Him. I’m not saying I always succeed in that endeavor, but that desire lives in me and saturates my wanting.

    My past church experiences have left me wanting of that love. I’m not saying everyone gave me the cold shoulder, but the majority of the gathering did not exhibit sincerely the kind of love that I believe Paul is speaking…the kind I feel is abounding in the community of Eastgate. What a blessing to be among you all. The life worn here is: 1 Corinthians 13:4-6.

  5. Rob, don’t you mean Nov 26 (not Aug 26)?

  6. Tracy…you’re comment got lost in the spam filter somehow…they changed WordPress, and I just noticed it sitting there in the trap.


    And yes…I meant Nov 26th.

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